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Air Assault 空中突袭


Immediately take off, a intense battle has begun!

Enemy's fighters, artilleries, tanks, warships have been dispatched.
We prepared two helicopters and many heavy weapons for you, and new helicopters continue to manufacture.
Destroy powerful enemies, across deserts, grasslands, oceans, glaciers, ruins, and usher in the final victory!

* Six intense battle scenes, unlimited levels.
* A variety of enemy aircrafts and specialty Bosses.
* Two powerful helicopters, many heavy weapons.
* OpenXLive leaderboards and achievements.

There is advertising in the game. Thanks for your support!
Please drop your comments, it is really important to us.
-RuiLue Software 睿略软件

空中突袭 Air Assault - 马上起飞,激烈的战斗已经打响!



-RuiLue Software 睿略软件

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