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BBQ King



This summer, let's BBQ party again.

BBQ party brings unlimited happiness to you, do you want to experience it on your phone?

Now, transformed into a vibrant boy, startups BBQ King journey.
The simple BBQ trolley become the luxurious shop;
The small grill become the beautiful senior grill;
More and more new food, until you become a BBQ King, you will get a true experience in it.

- Simple and fun;
- 5 scenes, 9 kinds of grill;
- More than 10 kinds of BBQ food;
- Add music boxes and gift packs;

Welcome to the BBQ King, don't miss every guest, let's challenge!

Please drop your comments, it is really important to us. Thanks for your support!
-RuiLue Software 睿略软件



现在变身为一个朝气蓬勃的少年,开启BBQ King创业之旅。


欢迎加入BBQ King,开始挑战吧,不要错过每一位客人哦!

-RuiLue Software 睿略软件

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