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Doodle Link 涂鸦连连看


LinkLink game is a classic puzzle game, it's loved by many players.
Doodle Link uses animal / fruit theme, the picture is simple and elegant, dazzling effects, Levels are from easy to difficult, challenging!

* 3 kinds of props to help players quickly pass.
* 4 modes: Classic mode, Endless mode, Leisure mode, Time mode.
* Each mode have 90 levels, and more than 40 mobile levels, from easy to difficult, and it will be increase in the next update.
* Combo bonus: Complete two consecutive macthing in 1 second for Combo bonus. The more combos you make, the more bonuses you get.
* Challenges all 3 stars: Passing is easy, getting all 3 star may be difficult~ Come on, speed, keep combo, get all the stars!
* OpenXLive game platform: Upload the results and other players to compete!

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涂鸦连连看 Doodle Link



*挑战全3星:通关容易,要取得全3星的成绩可不简单哦~ 来吧,加快速度,保持连击,获得全部的星星吧。

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