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Bubble Party 泡泡派对

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Come on and challenge the brand-new 'Bubble Party' Dual-Core Mode!

Challenge your limit of reaction! Hit bubbles rationally with your eyes, brain, fingers wisely working together, to get rich special visual effects. Try your best to get the highest score with limited number of bubbles in shortest time, and upload your score to the Game Center Leaderboards to kick off others! There is an even more exciting Multiplayer combat mode available, in which you can PK with your rival directly!

Bubble Party is an interesting and special game of bubbles. It's easy, fun, and challenging! It seems simple, operates like 'Bubble shooter' and 'Bejeweled', but has more than that! Also With cool and rich visual effects! Each theme has different effect, and more themes are being added.

Strongly recommended:
*Dual-core mode - A brand-new game mode! More effects, excitements, and surprises! With controlling the speed of the bubbles, you could be able to miss some of them selectively for better combo scores. Finishing 3 combos continuously will give you more special effects!

Do you still remember that in childhood, your naughty friends will try every means to interrupt you to finish blowing bubbles? Now, invite them to join the 'Bubble Party' Multiplayer mode, Use bombs to destroy their bubbles!
*Multiplayer mode – Exciting online combat mode, you could PK with your rivals directly, it supports wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and GameCenter online Multiplayer mode! And special rewards are waiting for you if you can finish 3 combos continuously! (Not for WindowsPhone currently)

More game modes, more themes, more bonuses, rich Achievements and Leaderboards are waiting for you to challenge!

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泡泡派对 Bubble Party

For iPad For iPhone For WindowsPhone

来挑战泡泡派对 Bubble Party Dual-Core双核模式!



*双核模式 - 全新概念的Dual-Core双核模式,丰富的特效、更加的刺激、更多的惊喜!你自由控制泡泡的速度,可以选择性的漏过一些泡泡来保证更好的连击,连续完成3次COMBO,会有多种特殊效果哦!

*多人模式 - 紧张刺激的联机对战,直接和对手PK!支持无线局域网、蓝牙、GameCenter在线多种联机对战模式;连续完成3次COMBO,更有特别道具奖励!还不快和朋友约战GameCenter!(WindowsPhone暂时没有多人模式)


-RuiLue Software 睿略软件

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