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Yo, Yo, Check It Out !

New elimination game has come!

Experience the cool sliding and eliminating!
Link the same frozen gem with sliding, eliminate at least two gems to infinity, easy!
Slide box, slide circle, slip the "S" type, slip a long snake...
Slide more combos, to get the higher score and the cooler effect!
Leave and pile up a kind of gem for a thrilling elimination. Break out in the silence or perish in it.

Mission mode - Achieve the mission object faster and faster, from easy to difficult. Complete all missions, and challenge the rank.
Endless Mode - Let's accelerate, hold! If you can Slide more combos, you may ranked No.1.
Challenge mode – Exciting online challenge mode, you could PK with your rivals directly, it supports wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and GameCenter online Multiplayer mode! (Only for iOS Paid version)

Are you ready to accept the challenge!

Please drop your comments, it is really important to us. 
Thanks for your support!  -RuiLue Software 睿略软件 

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Yo, Yo, Check It Out !
药 !!药!!!切克闹!!!!

两三个的消除,十几个的消除,一串串N个的消除,滑方块,滑圈圈,滑S型,滑长蛇…… 更多的Combo,更高的得分,更炫的效果!

Mission 任务模式 - 以最快的速度达成任务目标,由易到难完成所有任务,通关后在排行榜比比谁更快! 
Endless 无尽模式 - 开始加速了,要Hold住啊!如果你还能完成更多的Combo,那么排名第一非你莫属了!
Challenge 挑战模式 - 紧张刺激的联机对战,直接和对手PK!支持无线局域网、蓝牙、GameCenter在线多种联机对战模式。还不快和朋友约战!(目前仅iOS付费版支持此模式)


请留下您的意见,这对我们非常重要。感谢您的支持!  -RuiLue Software 睿略软件 

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