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Dream Journey 梦想旅行

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Take off now and fly out of the desert. Travel around the world! 
He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man! 

I want to travel around the world, I want to fly free, and I want to break the shackles of reality as well as all obstacles! 
-- Let's realize the dream about traveling in the Dream Journey!

In the fantastic scene which is full of fairy tale flavor with Gorgeous colors and colorful bubbles, those birds waving wings are waiting for your help.
You must obtain the energy bubbles as much as possible to make the birds fly farther before the annoying gravity grab them down to earth. Of course, the game can not be such simple, just like in every fairy tale, there will be a annoying shaman, Dream Journey has evil dark clouds waiting to attack the lovely birds. You must lead the birds to avoid all obstacles. Of course, if you are tired of escaping, you can seek the help of the rainbow cloud to eliminate all the dark clouds and defeat darkness completely.

Do not forget our lovely bird, there are three kinds of birds with different attributes for players to choose, besides, you can dress them up to meet new challenges with a more beautiful, more powerful look. In the Kingdom of Dream Journey, bird is you, you're the bird. facing all the difficulties bravely, soaring the sky free, and completing your dream of traveling around the world!

-It's simple, fun and challenging!
-3 different birds x 3 kinds equipments.
-6 countries scenes; Rich and random routes.
-Luck bag: Coins or Lottery, a chance to get rich props.

Please drop your comments, it is really important to us. 
Thanks for your support! 

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——这个关于高飞的梦想就让我们在梦想旅行Dream Journey中实现吧!

在讨厌的重力把它们拉回地面之前,你必须获取尽可能多的能量泡泡让小鸟飞得更远。当然,游戏不可能那么顺利简单,就像每个童话中都会有讨人厌的巫师一样,梦想旅行Dream Journey中也有邪恶的乌云在一旁等着偷袭可爱的小鸟们。你必须带领它们灵巧地躲避开所有障碍。当然,如果厌倦了一味的闪躲,那么你还可以寻求彩虹云的帮助来彻底战胜黑暗,消灭一切乌云。

别忘了咱们可爱的小鸟君,除了有3种不同属性的小鸟供玩家自行选择外,还可以为它们梳妆打扮,以更美丽、更强大的面貌迎接新的挑战。在梦想旅行Dream Journey的王国中,小鸟君就是你,你就是小鸟君,勇敢地面对一切困境,自由地翱翔天际,完成你梦想的环球旅行吧!



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