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Happy Fisher 快乐渔夫


You envy other people fishing game in the iphone and android?
A fishing game for WindowsPhone is in front of you now!

Happy Fisher - Fishing, easy, fun, and challenging!

Aim the direction you want fishing, touch on the screen, cannon will fire net to catch fish, Harvest coins!
Choose a higher levels of cannon, bigger net will catch more and larger fishes. sharks!

•Over 12 types of Fish.
•9 different levels of cannons and nets.
•Laser Bomb - Super powerful!
•Challenge Achievements and Leaderboards.

Please drop your comments, it is really important to us. Thanks for your support!
-RuiLue Software 睿略软件


快乐渔夫 - 捕鱼,简单,快乐,还有挑战!



-RuiLue Software 睿略软件

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