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Magic Jelly




Magic Jelly - Together!

What happens when many jelly hit? Together! And they have a large power to eliminate.

Be careful! These lovely jellies are very naughty. They will keep making trouble, you do not know where they will appear, so you must grasp the direction, make a greater number of jelly together to complete a big crit, get the perfect score.

We provide a simple tutorial, you will understand at a glance.
This is a simple game to play, but also very challenging!
I hope you can get the knack, play a higher score, challenge the ranking.

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Dear players, thank you for playing our game.
This game is the last game project of our team. Now, we have to say goodbye temporarily.
We began developing mobile games since 2011. We have published 14 games for Windows Phone, and 10 games for Windows Store, 7 games on the Apple App Store, 5 games on the Google Play Store. Total downloads reached 10 million times on the Microsoft platform. Thank you very much for all your support.
However, these did not bring us too much revenue, the team has been more difficult in the economy. And our new game release has repeatedly postponed in the last two years, we meet some problems of developing. We hope to bring new style games for players, and a better user experience, but we let you down that we can not developing this game completely. In addition, the policy aspects of the relevant departments (you know), that's really a trouble, although we never develop a game with adverse effects.
That's very sorry, we did not develop game development completely. Now, our team ended the work about developing game. Finally, we would like to thank many people.
Thanks our family and friends for the support and companionship.
Thanks our teammate, including who have worked together, thank you for your efforts, let the team through the 5 years. I wish you a happy life in the future, work smoothly, family happiness.
Thanks all the partners: Microsoft, BizSpark, Apple, Google, Nokia, Samsung, htc, OpenXLive, all community forums, and other partners.
Finally, thanks our players again.
Thank you very much for all your support.

-- RuiLue Software
November 2016, Hangzhou

魔力果冻 - 在一起!

许多同样颜色的果冻撞击后会怎么样? 在一起!这样他们就有强大的力量完成一次消除了。




我们从2011年开始开发移动游戏,转眼五年过去了。至今我们在Windows Phone 发行14款游戏,同时在Windows Store 发行10款游戏;在苹果App Store 发行7款游戏;在Google Play 发行5款游戏。我们在微软平台的下载量合计达到1000万次,在此我们非常感谢各位用户一直以来对我们的支持!
非常感谢所有的合作伙伴: 微软,BizSpark,苹果,Google,诺基亚,三星,htc,OpenXLive,各个社区论坛,以及其它合作伙伴。

—— 睿略软件
二〇一六年十一月 杭州

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